Importing data


(Vladimir ) #1

Hi there,
I am trying to import KML/KMZ file with 55 adresses and I obtain a message “Problem with importing KML/KMZ,
try re-saving the file in Google Earth.”
What should I do? I cannot find the option in Google Earth to import all data end then re-export it.
My export was done on Google maps and should work normally.

Thanks for your answer or advice!

(Vladimir ) #2

Hi, Finally I’ve found the solution. Nevertheless, i obtain the shapes around my marks when i export from Earth. And i don’t want it…Other question, how can i add a target (i would like to have this : when the user clicks on the mark, the page with info opens in the same tab, not in a _blank). But i cannot add a “_self” target to my URL.
Here is my map :

Thanks in advance!

(Zsolt Ero) #3

Hi Vladimir,

Very nice embed you have there! So do I understand right that for the target, you’d like to direct the main website, instead of opening a new tab? I have to check if this is possible at all, as with iframe there are a lot of restrictions of what is and isn’t possible.

About your import-export problem, can you possibly share what was the problem and how have you solved it? By Google Earth it means that you export from Google Maps, open the file in Google Earth and save it from Google Earth, was it how you fixed it?


(Vladimir ) #4

Dear Zsolt,

Thank You very much for your reply!
And sincere congrats on MapHub, it’s really great!!!

So, for the import/export problem, afetr several tryouts, i have managed to import my exported kml/kmz file from Google maps into the Google Earth. It would be easier without that Google Earth passage but every time i tried to import directly the Google map kml/kmz into MapHub, i had a message “Problem with importing KML/KMZ, try re-saving the file in Google Earth.” And it worked with GoogleEarth, finally.
I’ve found some tutorials on YouTube and i suggest to all that encounter the same problem to search out there. I have also managed to erase the area squares that are visible when the file is exported from Earth. You select it and erase it, simple as that :slight_smile:
For the target, i would like to make my linked texts (texts in blue, under the photos) to point to the sames links as now but to open as"_self" and not as “_blank”, so in the same tab. If I understood well, it is quite impossible to define the link target in Markdown. The solution is to use the html but i am not sure if it is supported in MapHub in that way?

At last, my ideal MapHub map should look like this : the interactive map on the left side and the selected windows opening on the right, not inside the map, but i imagine that this is a bit complicated to produce…
Anyway, thanks a lot for everything, i hope that i was clear in my explanations :wink:
and keep this good project going on!!!

(Zsolt Ero) #5

Hi Vladimir,

Yes, Markdown is cleaned from all HTML for security reasons, but I’ll look into allowing a custom _target setting for all iframe links. This way you can set up links to open in a given frame on a page, so you can even do left-right split setup or any way you prefer.

Thanks for the note about Google Earth import, I should be doing a tutorial on that. What I meant was exactly what you did, but maybe it can be better explained.


(Vladimir ) #6

Hi Zsolt,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
Yes, it would be great!!!

One question, will MapHub continue to be free/open or are you planning a pro/pay version as well?

Thanks again,

(Zsolt Ero) #7

There will be a premium package (around $5 per month), but most features will be free forever. A public map on a MapHub basemap will always be free.

(MembershipTIC) #8

How do I add additional points to an imported map? Thanks!


any info on this? is it possible to include iframes on the map with _target?

(Zsolt Ero) #10

Hi MembershipTIC,

You simply add new points like you do it normally. Or if you import a second map, the points of both maps will be merged.


(Zsolt Ero) #11


Enabling iframes is definitely possible, I’m just not sure about how the click handling would behave.
Also, what sizes would you like to display inside popups?


(Zsolt Ero) #14

@raveneyephoto can you point me to an example map / embed where they iframe needs to open with _target? I’d like to understand your use case.