Import .kml Network Links


I am a new user of MapHub, interesting in migrating an existing Google My Map onto the MapHub UI.

While I like the look of MapHub, I have been working with My Maps for years and find that much easier for building data for the map (my map is entirely lines).

Is it possible to import a .kml network link onto MapHub so that I can manipulate the data onto My Maps and have it appear on MapHub? I have attempted to upload the .kml network link file to no avail, although the actual file itself uploaded with no issues.


Hello Andrew,

Can you explain me a bit more about KML network links? Would you like to make it link to Google My Maps and dynamically update on MapHub? Unfortunately that feature is not possible, everything on MapHub is stored on our local server, nothing is downloaded/uploaded to Google.



That’s what I’d like to do, yes, if it ever becomes possible in MapHub.


It won’t be possible with Google, but we might add a dynamic / data-driven maps feature in a future release.