Iframe embedding in item (360-images)

Hi guys!

Im new to MapHub, and basically just trying it out to see if it fills my need. I would like to make an interactive map of the island where I live (the Åland islands), that shows different places in 360. I have an account on Kuula.co (the 360 hosting service), and there I can export either a URL, an Embed JS, Embed HTML or Embdely code.

What I want, is that when the user clicks on one item, the 360-image should be displayed in a window, just like a regular photo works. But it seems like there is no way to do this, even though I have the “Hobbyist plan” with “advanced embedding”. But maybe I have misunderstood this, so that the advanced embedding is just for when you export the map to put on your webpage?

If this is not possible to do, can someone help me find an online service that offers this solution for a reasonable price?


Answered in email.

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