Icon Labels From kmz Import

(bill mates) #1

Hi, great looking capability here on MapHub. I’m very much a newbie so maybe I just haven’t discovered it yet, but is there a way to label the icons using a field from the kmz import?


GPX import with name
(cue tipper) #2

i do not know but was wondering the same thing regarding from .gpx files?

(Zsolt Ero) #3

Hi Bill and Cue,

If you can share your KMZ and GPX files with me (either here or by email), I’d be happy to have a look at them and see what is possible with them.


(bill mates) #4

Thank you Zsolt, I have sent you a sample kmz file by email.

(Zsolt Ero) #5

Hi Bill, I didn’t receive any email. Can you send it to zsolt at maphub.net?

(Joakim Sjöberg) #6

Zsolt, if you did not get a kmz that label the icon from a specific field, you might want to have a look at this file, kmz directly from MyMaps: kmz download
The actual map look like this: map

The field “Typ” (type) defines the icon, i have close to 20 different icons for this map and what i write in the field deide wich icon to show.

best regards Jocke

(cue tipper) #7

I sent you an email.