Icon Labels From kmz Import

Hi, great looking capability here on MapHub. I’m very much a newbie so maybe I just haven’t discovered it yet, but is there a way to label the icons using a field from the kmz import?


i do not know but was wondering the same thing regarding from .gpx files?

Hi Bill and Cue,

If you can share your KMZ and GPX files with me (either here or by email), I’d be happy to have a look at them and see what is possible with them.


Thank you Zsolt, I have sent you a sample kmz file by email.

Hi Bill, I didn’t receive any email. Can you send it to zsolt at maphub.net?

Zsolt, if you did not get a kmz that label the icon from a specific field, you might want to have a look at this file, kmz directly from MyMaps: kmz download
The actual map look like this: map

The field “Typ” (type) defines the icon, i have close to 20 different icons for this map and what i write in the field deide wich icon to show.

best regards Jocke

I sent you an email.