I don't know where to start - Interactive Travel Map

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to this forum and wondered if you could help me…

I’ve stumbled across this interactive map last week and I can’t stop thinking about how I’d like to do something similar on my travel blog.

I’m not too bothered about integrating it into the page just yet, but I’m really eager to include a small pop-up in each pin, with dates I’ve visited certain countries.

But I’m not too sure how they’ve got this to correlate with the age brackets in the filter section…


For example, I’d like to categorise certain information into brackets, for example, number of days stayed, cities visited in the trip etc. without having to list each one to filter.

If someone could help me get started on something similar on MapHub then that’d be really useful. I’m guessing they’ve used Google Developer API to do this but I don’t think I’m at that level yet.

I also wondered if there’s any way to use customisable icons for each pin? i.e a countries flag?

Sorry if these are really simple questions but I just don’t know where to start…

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Amy,

For now, I simply recommend you to start making your map and experiment with how it looks.

Custom icons and categories are two of the most widely requested features, so I’ll be implementing them in the future. But even with normal icons and without categories, you can simply make the map and even embed it in your blog. (I’m thinking that you can use categories for a very simple “age brackets”.

The website you linked is probably using the Google Maps Javascript API with some custom JavaScript.


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Categorising items / organising into groups have now been implemented in MapHub.
You can read more about it in the following blog post:

Custom icons are now possible on MapHub. You can read about it detail in the following post: