How To Import

I have an excel spread sheet with my addresses. How can I import them?

I don’t believe it’s possible to import an Excel spreadsheet or even CSV file of addresses. You would need to get the addresses converted to long/lat values as waypoints and import the GPX or KML file.

Converting street addresses to locations on a map is beyond the capabilities of MapHub.

Thank you for your response. As it turns out I do have lot / lan on the excel sheet. What is a gpx file? Can I convert from xl to it? How?

Please disregard. Found the answers. Thanks.

Hi Cue,

There are two questions here, which I’m trying to answer.

How to convert a large list of addresses to lat-lon coordinates. This is called “geocoding”, and MapHub cannot do this at the moment, but here are two websites which can do this:

  1. GPS Visualizer, using Google, Bing, MapQuest API keys
  2. MapLarge Geocoder, minimum $10

How to convert an Excel file to GPX/KML. The best solution is to export as CSV and convert using GPS Visualizer.

You say you’ve found the answers, can you share which solution worked for you?

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