How to colour countires in a Map that is cloud-based and that keeps updating?

I host Rocklaz Radio podcast, I am on a mission to talk to guests of all countries. I have covered 31 countries so far. As I keep publishing new episodes, I want to update my audience on all the countries covered on Rocklaz. Currently, I am using to create the map. I colour the countries as we go ahead as you can see in the is image.

It’s cumbersome to create an image download and upload it again every time.
I want to put a map on my website, which is a cloud-based interactable map. Not just a Jpg. Basically, I want the convenience of MapChart .net but it should be integrated with my website for free.

I tried Google Maps, but the API and all that look too complicated for me.

Hi Tanmay and welcome to the forum,

You can have a similar workflow to MapCharts on MapHub by the following:

  1. Download the GeoJSON of the country shapes from For your usecase, probably the best one is admin 0 countries, the 600 kB version.
  2. Import the GeoJSON into MapHub
  3. Color the shapes as you feel like.
  4. Embed the map into your website, or link to it. In both cases it’ll be an auto-updated version all the time.

Thanks, Zsolt, for your response.

I am a non-tech person. Please share some articles or videos on every step you mentioned.