Highlighting the selected item - new feature?


First of all, thank you for the wonderful work you guys have done with this MapHub project!

My question, or request, would be to highlight the currently selected item on a map.
Here is a map I’m working on, which the purpose is to have a up to date map of the public transport of Dushanbe, the capital of Tadjikistan. (Yes, there is currently none available :slight_smile: )

My problem is that the different routes are obviously overlapping, and it can be very difficult to “guess” where the currently selected route is drawn.

So my proposition would be to always put the selected item on the top layer.

And a bonus could be to highlight it so that it is even more visible! :slight_smile:
There is already an adapted some when selecting an item, and that’s very useful, thanks!

Please let us know if that is something other people would like, and therefore something we can hope for in the future!