Highlighting the selected item - new feature?

First of all, thank you for the wonderful work you guys have done with this MapHub project!

My question, or request, would be to highlight the currently selected item on a map.
Here is a map I’m working on, which the purpose is to have a up to date map of the public transport of Dushanbe, the capital of Tadjikistan. (Yes, there is currently none available :slight_smile: )

My problem is that the different routes are obviously overlapping, and it can be very difficult to “guess” where the currently selected route is drawn.

So my proposition would be to always put the selected item on the top layer.

And a bonus could be to highlight it so that it is even more visible! :slight_smile:
There is already an adapted some when selecting an item, and that’s very useful, thanks!

Please let us know if that is something other people would like, and therefore something we can hope for in the future!


Do this make sense? Any thought?
Any other people that would be interested by this?

Hi @Pierre-David thanks for the report. This is the first time that this feature has been requested, but I understand your point, it’s indeed an interesting problem.

I have a couple of ideas what might be a solution:

  • move it to the top of the visibility order
  • add a highlight around the selected feature
  • possibly do it on mouse hover, so it’s visible even without clicking

I’ll think about what might be a nice solution.


Thanks a lot Zsolt for your consideration.
It seems to me that what you propose would be just perfect for my map!

And hopefully, there will not be drawbacks for different configurations.
Thanks for the wonderful work.

Just wondering if there’s been any movement/solution on this suggestion. I have a map of regions that would be made more intuitive if the item Title appears on hover (as a popover or similar). Example shown in the screenshot attached. Otherwise loving this product.

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YES, I would Like at least the Name to pop up on Mouse Over. When will that be a feature? Thanks.

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Hi, just to confirm, both of you would like to have the full popup, or possibly just the name to appear on mouse over / hover, and not on clicking, right?

Hi guys,
I like the idea of highlighting and a top visibility for selected items.

Two more ideas I can add:

  1. It would be nice when you click on an item, you zoom on to it. Maybe just for polygons and lines. (the same zooming behavior as if you click the items inside the right panel)

  2. A “Capture items” option for polygons: When activated, items inside the polygon are hidden and getting visible by clicking/selecting a polygon.

On the appearance on mouse over / hover, I have a question. How does it work, if the item pop-up/name/description comes up and hides other items behind it?

Greetings, Michel

PS: I remembered a thread of mine, in which I also very shortly mentioned the top visibility for selected items. It’s about my closing habits on items and also polygons. Maybe this is for your interest: :slight_smile:

I would love to have a full popup on mouse over / hover (not on clicking), too!
Just the name would be a start. :slight_smile:

Here is a similar request:
Marker Labels - Is this currently available? - MapHub community forum

Yes please! A possibility to highlight the route at mouse-move-over would be great to improve the view of overlapping routes. And thanks for a great service!

Hello again, is the highlight route feature likely to be implemented any time soon? As mentioned, without the feature it is a readability problem when routes are partly overlapping.

Yes highlighting the selected item will be a great feature, i would really like this too