Hi and thanks

(Joakim Sjöberg) #1

Hello, i just want to say hi and thanks for a really good map. :slight_smile:
I have been lurking around about a year but have not really investigate maphub all the way until now.
That have changed as i started to build a map.
I had dosens of questions as i progressed most of the question was answered and on top of that i found several really handy advantages that i have been missing in other maps i been working with.

Goal for this weekend
Learn more about markdown, this helps alot to make things look good. :smile:

Cheers, Jocke


(EF) #2

Hi too, I didn’t want to create a new category but just wanted to say hello, and thanks for such a really useful & straightforward map. I’m doing a favour for a voluntary community group and one of their wishes was for an interactive map. Maphub fits the bill perfectly. It has all the features they are looking for and which can be implemented in sure an easy fashion. At first I thought there were a few things I would not be able to do but searching the forum sorted me out. I’m just starting off getting my map created and really looking forward to it. I know the group will be pleased,
Thanks again!!


(Gerry Shaw) #3

Hi too! I’ve been looking for a great online map tool and MapHub is a perfect balance of features, performance, and usability. Thanks so much for making this available.