Here Maps

Is it possible for Here map app to be linked to open a maphub map instead of Google, Ideally for offline use,

Hi, can you explain a bit more about what do you mean here? What is a Here map app, and how can it be linked to some (Google or MapHub) map?

Sorry for the non clarity, whenever you go to directions to a poi google maps is the automatic choice, so user has to have an online connection, My thinking was that if the end user had the Here maps app downloaded from the playstore and istore, could maphub then use Here maps thus enabling offline directions

Ah, I understand what you mean now. Unfortunately this is not possible with the HERE map app, nor with Google Maps.

If you want to combine MapHub maps with an offline experience, I recommend:

  • app for iOS
  • Locus Maps app for Android

If you go to a MapHub map and download it in KML format, these applications can import it to their maps. This way you can go hiking and follow the tracks / POIs of the MapHub map.