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Hey I’m having an issue with the mobile version of my map. Once the character limit gets past a paragraph or so it cuts off and the having trouble finding a way to exit the pop up box. You have to zoom out of the map to click off it. And there’s no vertical scrolling on the mobile when the pop up appears. Would love some help on this.

Hey Andrew,

This sounds like a bug. Can you share a screenshot about what you are seeing, possibly with a link to the map you are experiencing this with?


Hey I’m trying to generate a map that shows the location of 100s of members of an organization. There will be up to 1,000 points I’d like to add to the map. Before I start and get stuck halfway through, I wanted to see if this would be possible?

Hi Chris,

Sure, absolutely no problem with 1000 points!


That’s great! Are there any limits at all with it? The intention is to allow everyone to add their own point onto the map, along with a photo and a description of their interests. This should definitely possible?

Yes, there is currently a 5000 objects limit per map. At 1000 you should be ok with it, the only problem might be that the interactive viewer might start to slow down after a huge number of points.

Have a look at Hate Has No Home Here’s map, it has about 500 points.

Also, at the moment you can only allow other users to add points if you are sharing the password for the account. Might be not a good idea, it’s up to you.


I am trying to map various map locations by specific address. When I type the address in the search field, only the city comes/area comes out. The specific address does not pin to the map. How can I fix this?

Initially the search was providing only the city level zoom as the results were not very high precise. Right now the results are much better so I need to look at how to enable a more precise displaying of the results. I’ll make this a high priority feature and try to implement it in the next few days!

Hi, I’m trying to upload a KML/KMZ file I’ve downloaded from Google My Maps, but it isn’t working.

The file doesn’t appear to work at all, not sure if that is because of the format Google My Maps gives it to me in. I got a sample KMZ file from Google Earth and that uploaded fine.

One thing I noticed is that the GMM file doesn’t appear to show coordinates.


Hi Toby,

Can you point me to the map in Google My Maps which isn’t working, or if it’s not publicly accessible can you send me the KML file to so I can have a look at where might be the problem?

The popup behaviour in mobile has been fixed in the new MapHub version, using Mapbox GL. This should work well now.

Image uploading has been implemented now with MapHub Images. You can read about it in detail in the following post:

I have uploaded a GeoJSON file to my map, but none of the items are visible.

Hi Sydney. That only happens if the given GeoJSON is not in a valid format. You’ll need to use a GeoJSON file which has a “FeatureCollection” inside, maybe you were trying to use a different GeoJSON standard.