Help with an idea I have

Hey all, first post here. Had an idea for a feature on a map and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction maybe even to just what search terms I should look for to accomplish.

Recently started a job as a freeway service patrol driver. When dispatch calls us we have to give our location along a section of freeway. Well I do not always know where the heck I am! So I though could I set up a map view that would always tell me where I am based on my custom parameters that I set up.

For Example If I am on the 18 freeway heading east and pass under and go past the Main street over crossing my screen would say “18 East - East of Main”

Then when I was approaching Riverside Drive crossing it would say “18 East East of Riverside”

Then as I travel along the text will just keep updating with my descriptions according to my location on the map.

What am I describing here? Like a custom zone thing? A geo fence?

Any and all input would be appreciated.


Hi Steve and Welcome to the forum,

In the soon released collaborative maps, there’ll be a feature to draw your real-time location on to the map and share it with your team! I think that’ll be better than anything, they’ll be able to see where you are, in real-time!