Help creating a new map

Hi MapHub community! I am new here, joining as part of my research in the launch of my website. I work in renewable energy in Latin America where female inequality is a real issue. I am launching a network site for women in renewable energy and sustainability, and a key part will be an interactive map for us to find each other.
I am not looking to become a MapHub expert, but I am looking for someone who knows how to use it well and would be interested and able to help me bring my vision to life.
I would appreciate the help within this community. Seems like a lovely website and tool to bring people together! Thank you MapHub!

@KaroFernandez - Hi I’m in London, learning Maphub, and interested in documenting how to get started. Maybe others would be interested too? Or glad to respond to any immediate questions if I can.
I found these resources.
Two page quick start guide
Video tutorial

Crear mapas aquí es muy sencillo, tan solo hay que seguir las instrucciones, hace poco cree un mapa de mi viaje a China, y la verdad fue muy sencillo, a mi parecer, me encanta este sitio amo los mapas y viajar

Thanks for those resources David!

Hi Karo and Welcome to the Forum,

I’m happy to help if you have any questions. In the beginning it’s best to just explore each button and functionality. Also the resources posted above are a good start.