Having problem with google earth KML/KMZ file imports

Hi, I am trying to upload some data maps and have saved it with google earth both kml and kmz but it gives me the error “problem uploading, please re-save in google earth”

Here is the file before I save it with google earth: https://maps.bts.dot.gov/services/rest/services/Noise/CONUS_ROAD_AND_AVIATION_NOISE_IS_Apr_2018/ImageServer/kml/mapImage.kmz

I use this file, save it with google earth and import is not working.

Thank you

Hi Michelle.
I had a look at the file you have problems with, i am by far no expert in this and probably not even an amateur, but i am curious.
Your kmz file contains a reference link to a Bounding box (i think they are called that) and it is basically a picture that works like an overlay on the map. This picture is in png format and its placed on the map in google earth where it should be based of four coordinates that defines North/South-West/East.
I dont think MapHub support this kind of image as an overlay.
I tried some more from this site to see if it was possible to generate a file with lines/polygons instead of an image, but i had no luck.

Ok, thank you I’m not sure how they made the map so I will try to reach out to them for now. Thanks again.

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