Groups inside group

Hello, i want to use MapHub for a big project and i have some questions.
Can i use subgroups? i mean multiple groups inside groups like this

in this project there will be hundreds or thousands of items, every item will have one photo. MapHub can handle like 3000 thousands of items and photos? Of course I will subscribe for a plan

thank you

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You cannot do groups inside groups right now. This is also a critical feature missing for me.

From what I know, this feature has been requested a few times already, and is currently being worked on.

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it will be very useful

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I would also love to have groups in groups! I have been working on mapping different neighborhoods in my city (over 50!) with each neighborhood having points of interest added in. Due to the sheer number of neighborhoods, they have been grouped by region (North, South, Downtown, etc.) and so when a point is added for a specific neighborhood, it falls under the regional group that neighborhood is in. This has made locating, editing, or getting information about these points difficult, especially for those who are not familiar with the area/map.

I absolutely love MapHub, and it has become a tool that is used almost daily to convey localized info. I feel that adding this in, even if not used by most, would make this system truly the best of its kind.

Thanks for all you do, this is truly an amazing resource!


Unfortunately it seems like only one person is working on the project and it progresses very slowly with very little new over many years, too bad as it would be a great product! I hope it’s taken seriously, because there would be so many that could be added!

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Hi Brock,

There have been many new features added over the years, just not all of them have blog posts. Having said that, yes the development is slower compared to a big company, but I decided to grow MapHub naturally, without external investment money or without adding advertisements to the website. This means that I cannot afford a team of developers, or at least not yet, until MapHub grows to a size which allows it.

Features are always added step-by-step though, for example the latest one is search for visitors.


Ok thanks, so is there a roadmap or something like that ?

There is no public road map, as the features are very much dependent on Enterprise clients. Having said that groups-inside-groups is asked by so many people that it’ll be implemented at one point.

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Please add my name to those that would like groups and sub-groups.

I will, it’ll be the next feature shipped.