Group descriptions and the „Map/Item/Basemap“ side panel caption

Hi guys,

since I recently started to experiment with polygons and groups again, I noticed something for that I would like to propose an idea :slight_smile:

It’s about allowing descriptions to groups and a new caption for the side panel:
Here is how it looks today:

And here, how I imagine the side panel:

Greetings from Berlin,

PS: One extra question:
Is it possible to have a group with hidden items directly opened when I open the map?

Hi @Michel, so basically you recommend adding a description field to groups? I think the problem is that with the logged off mode, how would anyone see that? I believe no one clicks the Map/Information tab, basically they never see what’s written there.

About hidden group, can you explain what do you mean?

Hi Zsolt,

I know what you mean regarding the use of the tabs.
What do you think about to remove the „Map“-Tab completely then?
Only keep the Item and Basemaps tab.
On mobile the Basemaps tab would be also better to recognize, as the title is shortened to „Base…“ on my smartphone. Only the item count of the map needs to be replaced then.
Regarding the group description, maybe a foldable* area would be nice for group items (only).
*edit: with foldable I mean, the area will only appear if you click a group item.

Here an example:

Regarding the extra question:
If you save your map while a group is unfolded, it stays unfolded as default if you open the map logged off.
That doesn’t work, if all items in the group are invisible. The group will always start folded.

Greetings, Michel

Hi @Michel,

This makes a lot of sense, I’ll have a look at it. One thing I might not do this as many people have recommended to move the sidebar to the bottom on mobiles, where the 3 tab would work much better.

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I also like the vertical one more and it works better for my sidepanel, because I have a lot of items and groups. And if you make it an option to have the sidepanel on mobiles closed by default, I think it won’t be a problem anyway.
Though, you could make the bottom panel also an option :wink: