Final Decision Question's

I have three questions, When does the beta end? Also,Will certain places such as buildings, streets, and subdivision be updated soon and how soon? My final question is will everything from the beta be transferred over to the final version?

Hi Aaron, beta will hopefully end in the next months. Yes, everything will be transferred over, actually there won’t be any URL changes or anything similar.

About buildings, streets and subdivision, can you explain what do you mean? The map data of the a given basemap? If so, which basemap, a MapHub based one (like MapHub Classic)?

I see that on our Asset Map for Dinwiddie County the health department appears to still be on the map but it was taken down about two years ago. Also, I was wondering if there was any ideas on the price range, and what would it look like.

Hi, I understand now. There will be map updates in the future, but for now I recommend using an alternative basemap.

For the pricing I cannot say anything before the official announcement, but it’ll be very affordable.

Good morning,

I was wondering if we could get in contact over the phone. If there was a possibility, could I have a contact number and a name.

Thanks and have a great day

Hi Aaron,

We do not provide support over the phone, but feel free to email me on the “Email the founder” link at the bottom of the home page.