Filtering Multiple Strings


I was reading up about groups and subgroups, but I saw the searching/filtering was introduced as a potential workaround for this, which is great. What I’m wondering is - can you filter things by multiple strings? For example, if I have a list of objects with the following list of hidden tags in the description…

Object 1) type-bus route-1
Object 2) type-bus route-2
Object 3) type-bus route-3
Object 4) type-tram route-1
Object 5) type-closure

…is there any way I can search for ‘route-2’, ‘route-3’ and ‘type-closure’ in the filter box so that objects 2, 3 and 5 will all appear without showing 1 and 4?

The objective here is that something (for example a road closure) might affect routes 2 and 3, but not route 1, so it would be good to only show routes 2 and 3 on the screen along with the closure.

I guess another way to achieve this is if individual objects from within a group could be made visible on their own after a group was made invisible. For example, if the 5 objects above were all in the same group and I only wanted to show objects 2 and 3, is it possible to make the group invisible and then individually ‘bring back to life’ objects 2 and 3. I guess this would be more like a parent/child link for the visibility of each group and object. So if you made the group invisible, it would go through and make all of the objects invisible. Then if you wanted to make them all visible again, you could just make the group visible - but if you just wanted individual ones visible again, the group would essentially be visible again, but all of the objects would be invisible apart from the one(s) you wanted.

In my case, once I have everything I need added to the map, a lot of it will be hidden by default, so it would be good if individual objects from different groups could be made visible on their own with the rest of the objects in the group staying hidden.

Hopefully that all makes sense! :slight_smile:

For the first part of your question it, the search is with an AND filter, not an OR. So right now you cannot do what you are proposing, but you can search for “bus 2” and it’ll select “Object 2) type-bus route-2”.

About the second part, it’ll all be possible once “data-driven maps” is implemented, which is quite far in the future, definitely after end of 2020.

Thanks, Zsolt. Unfortunately it would need to be an OR set-up for the filter to get what I’m looking for. But I think we’ll probably end up having all of the routes individually set to invisible and then just show the ones that we want whenever we need them. Alternatively, we could temporarily add a tag into the objects/lines that we want to show and then use the filter to show them all. Although this would require us to manually add the tag into each line/object every time we want to do this. If there was an OR set-up for the filter, this would all be automatic.

A quick note regarding a possible alternative that might help if an ‘OR’ filter solution isn’t possible… Would is be possible to be able to change the visibility of several items at once if multiple objects/lines are selected? At the moment you can only change this for one object at a time. Perhaps the visibility toggle could be moved to (or duplicated in) the Item tab?

There has been multiple suggestions for “data-driven” maps, which will allow this. It’ll allow you to dynamically filter or group items based on different properties. That is a big change which will happen after launching out of beta version at the end of this year.

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Brilliant, that’s great to hear. :slight_smile:

We’re certainly just at the first step of our map usage, so I have no doubt it will grow over time - hopefully as MapHub grows too!