Exporting map as a pdf

Hi, I’ve been very impressed with Maphub so far.

I would like to see the ability to export the map to a pdf. Or failing that, export the map to a good quality image which could be printed poster-size, A0 or if not, then A1.

The maps that I’ve exported as an image so far seem to have a low resolution when zoomed out. Has anyone found how to create at a higher resolution? Or should I be exporting in a different available format nd using a third party software to print/convert or save?

The largest resolution we offer is 3072 pixels wide. If you need to export higher resolution than that, there might be extensions for Firefox or Chrome , but I haven’t looked into it.

Thanks. I’m abouit to do a test print at A1 size so I’ll post the results here. I’m pretty sure that it’ll be fine.

For an A1 print I think you’ll need to have some higher resolution. OK, I’ve experimented, here is how you can do 6000 pixels with Firefox.

  1. Load the map.

  2. Go to Developer tools, enable Responsive Design Mode

  3. Then select the following for example: 2000x1500, DPR: 3

  4. Reload the map

  5. Click the screenshot button

Then you’ll have a 6000x4000 pixel image!

Perfect. Thank you for taking the time to show me how to do this. Is there some way that these instructions can be bookmarked here on the forum for others to use?

I’m happy I could help. The forum is fortunately low volume enough so that everyone can find it by search.

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