Error message for external links


Currently when trying to follow a link embedded in my map, users get an error message “Page not found”. However, when I copy the link into a browser directly, it works fine. So the issue seems to be within the map itself and not in the data.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thank you!

Hi @ACCEL and Welcome to the Forum,

Can you post here or in personal message:

  • The original map’s URL
  • Where you are trying to embed?


Hi Zsolt

The original map is: Codex4SMEs by ACCEL · MapHub

It is embedded on a website here: Codex4SMEs - Companion Diagnostics expedited for SMEs | Interreg NWE

However, the problem itself occurs in either environments. One example would be the company Derphartox the link to the companie’s website does not work. Could this be because the link is only “www” instead of https://…?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Accel,

Yes that’s right. I can add http:// but then some websites would be http:// some would be http:// so it’s not obvious. If you add http(s):// manually then it’d all work correctly.