Embedding Maps to Tumblr Blog

Hi there!

I’m trying make different makes to incorporate into a tumblr blog. My tumblr account is set up such that the text editor is “plain text/ HTML” but when I try to post the embed code for the map, it posts the map as a small grey square.

I’m pasting the code exactly as it’s generated! What should I do differently?

Hi Meghan,

This wasn’t easy, but I figured out what is happening. The important steps are:

  1. Switch your editor to HTML
  2. Paste the code there. You can edit the height value to you preference.
  3. In your tumblr dashboard, you will see a small grey square, like this.
  4. Don’t worry, it seems to be a bug in tumblr’s dashboard. When you go to the real blog, you can see it properly. For example I created this for testing:

I hope I could help!