Embed Map - Remove play button?

Hi there,

I’m trying to embed a map on my website, but when I click not to have the play button display and it’s changed to ‘0’ in the iframe code, it still appears. Any ideas of how I can remove this as I would like to enhance the site experience by reducing amount of work the user has to do?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Richard,

Currently the play button is a limitation to make sure we are not overloading the server. Also your mobile users get a much faster page load this way, as they only need to load the small image, not the full map.

But “autoplay” feature is in the works, and I’ll notify you once it’s been implemented.


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Cheers Zsolt. That makes sense and I look forward to when the auto play is released!

Hi, I just wanted to update this thread, Autoplay has been released.