Editable Description Text for Map Markers + Other Questions

Hi all, been on the platform for a while under the business plan but honestly have been underutilizing the system. A few questions I would appreciate receiving some clarification on from the founder or the community before I go through the effort of using this platform more extensively:

How can I add a text description for each map marker so it appears on a map? Using symbols is great, but when there are a lot of similar markers, it makes the task of locating the specific one much more difficult.

  • Self-hosting solution - is this still an option? How expensive/complicated would this solution be?
  • Magic links, can they be registered to new links in case an existing link becomes compromised?
  • What are the limits on map views under the business plan?

Thanks much, looking forward to seeing some clarity on these items soon!

@hyperknot Any feedback on this request? Or is there a way to already do this?

Esta verdaderamente es una necesidad para que el usuario se pueda ubicar rápidamente si la necesitar de dar click en alguno de los iconos marcadores. Quisiera una solución también a esto.