Downloading a map for offline use

Hello! I’ve fallen in love with your site and have used it for geography class revision and for a big project I hope to share with many people. It’s maps of many stores and food places across my country, translated into different languages. I’ve already made a very detailed one in English and am copying it Point by Point into Croatian.

I’ve shared the maps on my social media and hope for them to be used by both travelers and locals, but I realize travelers often don’t have internet access to use it whenever they want. Looking it up, I saw you offer several different download options so I tried them, Locus Map working the best. However, it cannot retain the groups of items, it shows everything at once without the ability to select a certain group, like Stores or Food Places separately.

Would it be possible for maps from your site to be downloaded as they are? Yours is the best interactive map site I’ve found, the appearance and ease of use is why I love it. Hope this can be achieved, if not now then someday, perhaps in the form of an app?

Thank You in advance,

Hi Lucy and welcome to the forum!

I generally recommend Locus as it’s a really nice application for Android, or for iOS. I don’t know if any of them can support groups, and if so, what kind of support they offer. I’ll need to work with the developers of individual applications about such a feature, so it’s definitely not something which can easily be done. I’ll add a feature request, but this will be a long term one.



I have a question too.

If there is a button to disable downloading, how it’s possible to download the map ? (if the Disable Downloading button is uncheck). I don’t see anything on the map and a right clic doesn’t show nothing…

Thanks !

Hi, galactic if you are logged in you can download the map regardless if download is disbled or enabled.
It is a function to avoid other users to dowload your map if the map is set to be Public so the setting does not affect the owner of a map, it is for the users that dont own the map you have a choice if you allow or not whether to download or not.
Its a great feature. :slight_smile:
Disable download is found under advanced settings
To download the files that are available you press Share.

best regards Jocke

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Ho, ok. I see. I thought that it was possible to download the map to view it offline. Because yesterday, for few hours, there was a Error 522 on so the maps weren’t available…

So it’s the same answer to Lucija…

Thanks !

Hi and welcome to the forum. Yes, as Joakim said, as the owner of the map, of course you can always download your own map. This functionality is about disabling downloading for other users.

Sorry about the Error 522, we had a downtime for 2:30 hours on Sunday. This had nothing to do with this feature. (You can read about it here.)