Dotted Lines

Hi, new to MapHub here but compared to lots of interactive map makers we’ve been considering. This is by far the most visually beautiful and intuitive. Some customization elements would really make it great including added a dotted line option for the lines. Is that possible to add?

Just a note on what I’m working on. I’m the digital manager at Alucia Productions, we’re a nonprofit production company that creates media focused on ocean and ocean life exploration. We are trying to add a map (preferably from MapHub) to show where our ship has done expeditions in within the past years.

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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your nice words! I’m happy to hear that you are trying out MapHub for your expedition map.

So far no one asked this feature yet, but it is possible to implement dashed line styles with Leaflet, the library what is used by MapHub, so I might implement this feature if there is a need for it.



That would be great if the option could be added. Please let me know if you ever do implement!

Thanks, I’ll definitely let you know!