Default Zoom Level


(Darren Promer) #1


When creating a map, is there a way to set the zoom level, or will it always be chosen automatically. I am asking because I have regions indicated all across North America, but when embedded into my website, I would like the map to just being zoomed in on the USA.

Currently, the map will be zoomed to show the entire world.

Let me know your thoughts!


(Zsolt Ero) #2

Hi Darren,

If you can send a link to your map either here or in a private message I can have a look and see what I can do.

( #3

Hey guys, I am also wondering about default zoom. Currently the default setting doesn’t show all the item on the map.

Thanks guys

(Zsolt Ero) #4

Hi Wizard,

It should definitely show all the points. Can you send a link to your map or embed where this happens?


(Bryan Reischl) #5

Hi - similar question. I have a map with items across the state of Washington - but would like the default zoom level to be just in the Seattle area where most of my items are concentrated. Thanks!

(Zsolt Ero) #6

Hi Bryan,

That’s an interesting question, it’d need to have a custom bounding box for embed / map view start, where not all data points are visible. I’ve put it on the feature request list.