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When creating a map, is there a way to set the zoom level, or will it always be chosen automatically. I am asking because I have regions indicated all across North America, but when embedded into my website, I would like the map to just being zoomed in on the USA.

Currently, the map will be zoomed to show the entire world.

Let me know your thoughts!


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Hi Darren,

If you can send a link to your map either here or in a private message I can have a look and see what I can do.

Hey guys, I am also wondering about default zoom. Currently the default setting doesn’t show all the item on the map.

Thanks guys

Hi Wizard,

It should definitely show all the points. Can you send a link to your map or embed where this happens?


Hi - similar question. I have a map with items across the state of Washington - but would like the default zoom level to be just in the Seattle area where most of my items are concentrated. Thanks!

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Hi Bryan,

That’s an interesting question, it’d need to have a custom bounding box for embed / map view start, where not all data points are visible. I’ve put it on the feature request list.



Hi there @hyperknot , could you help me to do the same please. I want to have a zoom on only The zone of Uvero Alto, can you arrange this for me?

Hi Jochen,

This issue is more and more requested, so while it’s not possible to do this today, I’ll be working on making this possible soon.



YES, please allow the default zoom to be changed without having to switch to Simplified Map. All the icons disappear.

Any word on this feature? I have one outlier point that I’d like to exclude from the default map view, but it keeps bouncing back to include it.

Hi Rik,

This feature is on my list, but right now there are other, more important features many user have asked, which need to come first.


I’m posting this here as my first time.
I created a map but I need it focused, zoomed in… The Map is about a specific place and how to get there. So, yes… I positioned a few locations far away from the MAIN and most important area and that makes the map by default too zoomed out and I am actually willing the map to be zoomed in to one specific area as a start.

I’m using it in my site with the iframe code.
Please let me know if there are any news regarding the zoom!
Thank you! Loving MapHub

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Hi Ana and welcome to the forum!

Actually, I’ve just launched this feature a week ago. I’ll write the announcement blog post soon, but you can already use it.

It’s this panel:


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Oh Thank you very much! I see that, just that it is not FREE and I find it basic.

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Blog post explaining zoom controls: