Default OpenStreetMaps basemap shows more info


(Nils) #1


Love your product, especially search works much better than umap for example.

However I noticed the default style does not contain some labels that the default OpenStreetMaps layout uses. While I realize it might not be for everyone, in my case it misses a lot of information. The Thunderforest layouts are a bit better in that regard but still are a compromise compared to OSM.


Another thing I noticed is that there is a limitation on the lowest zoom level (i can zoom further in OSM).



(Nils) #2

For compairison: Maphub classic

(Nils) #3

And thunderforest outdoors

(Zsolt Ero) #4

Hi, yes, the default MapHub style is quite clean. I have to look into if adding the OSM tiles is OK with them, as the traffic would be quite low I guess.