Custom Mapbox style as basemap

First of all: congratulations! You have definitely built the best online map editor on the whole web. I am amazed!

Now my request/suggestion: it would be really cool if you guys could make it possible to choose customized Mapbox basemap styles in the map settings. For me personally it is crucial, since I use Mapbox to customize basemaps for displaying historical research purposes (e.g. by removing current country borders, motorways, city labels etc.). But I also know that a lot of other people like to customize Mapbox styles for different purposes, now that they have become the de facto industry leader among web developers.

Do you have anything planned in this regard?

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Hi @idontpanic,

First of all welcome to the forum. Now, if you believe it or not, exactly today I wrote an email to Mapbox about my plans to integrate custom Mapbox Studio basemaps to MapHub. It’s not easy, and I’ll need their help for it as welll, but I definitely want to offer it!


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Are you working on maps that have none of the modern elements on them? Meaning buildings, highways, things like that? I was hoping to find a tool to make a game map set in the early ADs, I would not expect accurate vegetation or anything, just road and building markers to not be present.

If that is what you are planning, it would be brilliant!

Hi Coren,

It’d support everything what you create from within Mapbox Studio. If you can create it then it’ll be supported as a basemap.

Dear Zsolt,

Did you manage to get any help from Mapbox to implement custom basemaps?

A lot of my historian colleagues are asking me which mapping tool they should use.
I always unequivocally want to tell them to use Maphub, but all of us need non-topographical basemaps without modern political borders to display our data.

Many of us would even be willing to pay for a premium Maphub account if it was ever introduced, because this feature is so important to our entire discipline. There is just no other user-friendly map editing tool out there.

Thanks for your all your hard work and keep it up!

Dear @idontpanic,

No, I got no help, but I have no other choice but to implement this the hard way (via some server side proxying), because MapBox deprecated the Classic Mapstyle by 1st of June.

This means that soon the Mapbox basemaps will stop working, unless I implement the change soon.

Can you tell me more about how would Mapbox styles allow you to use non-topographical basemaps? Does it allow you to upload historical maps?


Hi @hyperknot,

I’m just wondering if there has been any progress on this feature? It would be really handy!
Love the website!



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Agree! @hyperknot need this so much.

Here is the thing, adding a custom Mapbox style would be trivial right now. However Mapbox has gone from open source to closed source.

This means that everyone using Mapbox GL with 3rd party basemaps (like MapHub), are forced to stay on the 1.x version of their libraries. Version 2.x is closed source.

This means that some time in the future, they might block all the 1.x clients. I’m more than happy to add Mapbox support but be warned, they might block it in a year or two.

On an other note, ESRI has added vector tiles which I’m adding now.