Custom icons inside the default markers


is there any way to upload custom icons (svg or png, i dunno) inside the default marker design so that you could change the color of a marker?

— I.

Hi Igor,

Do you mean you’d like to use the shape of the default MapHub marker and customise it with custom white icons?

For that, the best idea would be to simply create your custom combination in Photoshop or your favourite program. I’ve exported a higher resolution version of the MapHub marker for you, you can colorise it and insert anything inside as you’d prefer.



though i like your default markers because markers may overlap, but the white icons always show in front and thus cannot hide from the user:


custom marker design won’t work like this, but that’s ok, i understand

I only thought about that behaviour as a bug, I never thought someone might actually prefer it. But now you’ve said it I can see the point of that.