Current location problem

When I direct to selected location, Google maps opens with incorrect mine location, but final direction location is good.


Hi Miroslav and thanks for bringing up the subject.
I noticed the same and i have some thoughts about it.
As for you i get the end location right but the start point is not active i google maps in my Android phone or pc with windows.
Without much knowledge about it i belive it is a translation problem in google maps
MapHub seems to send a command to google maps with coordinates for the destinationt together with “My Location” for the startpoint.
For me in Sweden my startpoint in google should be “Din Position” in swedish, not My Location in english.
Perhaps @hyperknot should be informed and have a look at it. :slight_smile:
With Waze its still working perfect in my Android phone.

best regards Joakim

Thanks @Sjoberg7228 for answer, lot of my friends with my map have the same problem, and I hope that we will find the solution for this :slight_smile:
Best regards,

Hi Miroslav and thanks for reporting this. It’s something Google must have changed recently, for years “My Location” was the way to specify the device’s location. I’ll have to look up how did they change it recently.

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I found the Google documentation for the new URL and changed it. Can you check if this works for you now? I tested it on macOS + Chrome and iOS, but I haven’t tested it on Android.

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Thanks for answer! Right now it’s working and everything looks fine. I have tasted it on Android.

Best regards,

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Yepp, now it is working perfect again.
Thanks. :slight_smile: