Creating Interactive Maps for Students

I am a 7th grade Social Studies teacher trying to create an interactive map to help my students learn the original 13 colonies. I want them to be able to label the colonies, and use 3 different colors to define the 3 regions. I would love to have the colonies separated and for the students to be able to manipulate them like puzzle pieces, to put them together, then label them, then color code them by region. Is this possible? There is an activity like this through Smart Board’s Notebook software, but students can’t access it from home, which is what I want them to be able to do. Help!

Hi lpattison,

It’s great to hear that you are using MapHub with your students! Sorry for replying just now on this forum!

So from what you’ve mentioned coloring and filling in the description is already supported, the only thing missing is moving the shapes like puzzle pieces, right?