Creating groups within groups


I’m trying to create a hierarchy of groups. For example, if you were mapping biking routes, you might have the parent group being ‘Biking Routes’ and the children groups being ‘mountain biking’, ‘motorcycling’, ‘road cycling’ etc. I’d like to do this in order to simplify organizing categories and make viewing points of interest less of an information overload.
Is this possible within this iteration?


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I second this request. This software is already my choice for presenting developments on a map. Having the ability to create groups within groups would allow me to consolidate multiple development maps of differing towns into one comprehensive map which would be an invaluable tool for me.

Hi @Editor and welcome to the forum!

The next step now is to launch MapHub out of beta, with premium packages to allow me to continue developing this application. After that, the first big update will be groups-in-groups.