Creating a Clickable Neighbourhood Map

Hello Everyone,

I’m new here and have been testing out the application, but before I sign up for it, I am trying to make a clickable neighbourhood map, but finding it a little challanging. Although I have been able to source a .kml file with all the information, I want to be able to click on the area to launch a link to another page on my website. Right now it only displays information about the community which is fine, but I want the user to be able to drill down and get more information on subsequent maps. Is there a way to do it?



Hi, you can use the link here:

Good Morning.

Yes, I found that but what I mean is the following:

As you can see the areas of a Neighbourhood are divided out by colour. I want to be able to attached a hyperlink to the polygon shape. The link icon is too small for the user to understand that there is an actual link there.


Sorry, as a new user I can only add one image per post. Silly rule.

The other issue is adding a label to each area. When zoomed in the size is fine, but when zooming out it is massive. Is there any way to control that?


really no response on this??

Hi Robert,

Please contact us directly on, the forum proved not a good way to keep up with customer requests.

You can control the label with the “small icons” feature. For links to polygons, you can do these in the polygon items.