Centre Image

Is there a way to centre the image above the entry on a map?

Hi Alex and Welcome to the Forum,

Can you explain this in a bit more detail?


Hi Zsolt,

Thanks for your interest in this question. I recently found a solution for the problem.
On my map I have a number of companies listed. These all have logos of differing sizes. So if I just added the logos as I received them to the point, it would attach to the upper left hand corner of the info window and they would all be different sizes.
What I did in the end was create a blank image in photoshop with a set pixel size and copied the logo on to that. Then saved and uploaded those files to the points and voila. The logos are centred over the info on the point window and are all uniform in size.

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So if I understand correctly, you are uploading a small sized image to the item’s image field, which is shown at popup. And these small sized items didn’t get centered, right?

If so, then what you did is the best solution indeed! The item’s image display is optimised for big images, photos so I can see why it doesn’t show these small logos in a nice way.