Categorizing Markers in Bulk?

Hi there!

I’ve just begun creating my first map using MapHub online, which I have to say is an awesome product.

So far I have over 3800 points on the map interface and am hoping to add a few thousand more. I am, however, experiencing an issue with the categorizing of my large imports. The ability to categorize markers into groups is available but is there any chance of a bulk categorizing feature that lets you select a multitude of markers to place into a group?

Hi Louis,

I’ve just replied to your email, but if you’d like I can also reply here.

Hi Zsolt,

I too replied to your email.

Either or is great for me :slight_smile:

Well share the knowledge guys! We all want to learn! :smiley:

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Waiting for Zsolt to respond to my email. I’ll share his response in this forum :slight_smile:

There are a couple of points which Louis raised.

  • He is planning to add 5000+ points to the map, which is not possible today, so I’ll raise the limit to 10000 items per map.
  • I’ll also make imports go into a new group, to help with the organisation.
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jeez, I really want to see this map. Post your link once done.
I hope this does not end with a bad performance for all the other maps :wink:

Hi, I’ve implemented the needed changes!

  • I’ve raised the item limit to 10000
  • The imports will go to a new group called “Imported from …” I hope this’ll greatly simplify organising items.
  • This way if you want to undo the import, you can just delete the group.

@nico.vadoy don’t worry, I’ll never implement something which would make the performance worse!


Awesome Zsolt - thank you so much!


Batch setting colors and markers for groups is now implemented. I’ll add other functionality soon.

OK, I tried to figure out how the batch coloring works, but I did not. :frowning:
So how do I use this?

Click on a group and select a color. Like this:

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Nice. well done.

This has now been implemented in MapHub, you can read more about it in the following blog post:

I implemented “Simplify map”, which turns markers into dots until a given zoom level. Can you test if it works for you? It’s in the Info panel.


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That was a good idea, works great. I will leave it on for my map.

An other new tool for helping with bulk editing items has been added, the Multi-Select tool:

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