Bulk importing with media_url | title | description | url | group | icon...

Hello, first of all, thank you very much for the great product!
I have a questions about bulk importing. That ideally includes all the values we have in the Export file:
title | description | url | group | icon | color | marker_id | visible | media_url | media_warning | longitude | latitude

What would be the best format for it, if it’s possible at all?

Hello Ilya and Welcome to the Forum,

Right now it’s only possible by using some online CSV → GeoJSON converter and then importing the GeoJSON in MapHub.

I’m working on making direct CSV import possible.

Sounds nice, let me check this option. Because my main concern is being able to upload everything in bulk, so we don’t need to manually update images and all this staff. Thanks, great product!!! Love it :green_heart:

If you have some experience with programming (or someone can help you), have a look at this tutorial:

It explains how to make a full map from CSV file, including photos and custom icons.

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Not much experience, but definitely learining! thank you for the link, let me check this out :fire::world_map:

One question, where can I find token?
‘Authorization’: 'Token ’ + API_KEY,

And I don’t need to add API_Key in this line, as I added API before in the same file, right? Thanks

"Token " is just a word, it doesn’t have to be replaced to anything, it’ll stay "Token ". For API_KEY, you’ll always need to add it.

thank you a lot!!!