Auto Login

Hi, I am using on my project as iframe, and i want to know if is possible to auto login, passing a link with user, password and maybe some kind of token? Thank you!

Hi Kaslue,

Can you explain your use case a bit (alternately, by email to

At the moment it is not possible, but I am trying to understand your use case.


Hi, in my case, i am using a map I need to that another users can edit it with my login, my project is based in a community sharring information. So i tryed to use javascript command on my iframe: ‘’…

document.getElementById(‘login’).value = [MyLogin]
document.getElementById(‘password’).value = [MyPassword]

But i discovered that is not possible with a external link page…

Thank you for trying to help me…

If it is really impossible to solve, there are some way to do it with some kind of public profile?

I’ve replied via email.