Are "secret links" really needed?

Folks: I have a map stored under my free MapHub account with a link to that map referenced on my website. Since this is a free account I assume the link is ‘public’ in some sense. Perhaps I’m not using the proper key words when doing an online search, but I am not able to find any references to that link. My question: If ‘public’ links cannot be found (at least very easily) via an online search, is there any real advantage to using “secret” links? Thanks, Wayne

Your profile page is scraped by search engines and public maps are shown on it. Secret-link and Private maps are not shown on this page.

It’s possible that search engines haven’t found it yet, but eventually they’ll find it.

Having said that, if you are ok with sharing the information on the map then Public is a perfectly fine choice.


I think public maps will be fine since I’m sharing them with quite a few people anyway. However, as a test I’m trying to use a Google search to see if I can locate my “public” maps, but so far no luck. Can you suggest the kind of search terms that might be required to locate those maps?

Thanks again - I’m really looking forward to uploading a large number of maps to MapHub,