Append API versus collaborations

I’m trying out maphub, and I like the collaborations/autosave a lot!

And… you’ve got an API too. Nice!

And there’s the ‘but’: it seems that when I use the API, it doesn’t “come through” with the collaborations.

As in: I can add for example a LineString using the ‘append’ API, but only after I refresh the screen I see it.

Is that as designed? Or do I do something wrong?

Or better: is there a way to use the/an API to add stuff to a map that all collaborators directly see?

Hi and Welcome to the Forum,

Yes, you found a very complex use-case, where real-time collaboration and API usage happens at the same time.

It’ll be very complicated to synchronise them, but I’ll try to work on a solution which auto-reloads after an API usage was made.

Ah, I guessed these use cases wouldn’t mix and match, they felt completely different beast technically (without looking at the code).

Note that if I’m the only one who wants this, you can ignore my question, I’ve in the meantime chosen another tool to do what I wanted to do :slight_smile: