API label colors.

How to add tags to groups when creating an api map? And how to set the color of each label?

def create_map(mapname, markers):
    url = 'https://maphub.net/api/1/map/upload'
    api_key = 'xxx'

    args = {
        'file_type': 'geojson',
        'title': mapname,
        'short_name': mapname.lower().replace(' ', '-'),
        'visibility': 'public',  # Доступ к карте только по ссылке

    headers = {
        'Authorization': 'Token ' + api_key,
        'MapHub-API-Arg': json.dumps(args),

    groups = []

    for marker in markers:
        group_exists = False
        for group in groups:
            if group['title'] == marker['type']:
                group_exists = True

        if not group_exists:
            new_group = {
                'title': marker['type'],
                'color': marker['color']

    features = []

    for marker in markers:
        feature = {
            'type': 'Feature',
            'geometry': {
                'type': 'Point',
                'coordinates': [marker['lon'], marker['lat']]
            'properties': {
                'title': marker['name'],
                'description': marker['description'],
                'group': marker['type']

    geojson = {
        'type': 'FeatureCollection',
        'features': features,
        'groups': groups

    r = requests.post(url, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(geojson))
    response_data = r.json()
    if 'url' in response_data:
        map_url = response_data['url']
        return map_url
        return None

markers = [{'lat': 45.3485, 'lon': 40.2019, 'name': '', 'description': 'Severin', 'color': '#FF0000', 'type': 'IP'}, {'lat': 44.6004, 'lon': 40.1025, 'name': '', 'description': 'Maykop', 'color': '#FF0000', 'type': 'IP'}, {'lat': 55.8236, 'lon': 37.6034, 'name': '', 'description': 'Moscow', 'color': '#FF0000', 'type': 'IP'}, {'lat': 55.8236, 'lon': 37.6034, 'name': '', 'description': 'Moscow', 'color': '#FF0000', 'type': 'IP'}, {'lat': 39.2891, 'lon': -76.5583, 'name': '', 'description': 'Baltimore', 'color': '#FF0000', 'type': 'IP'}, {'lat': 39.3408, 'lon': -76.4078, 'name': '', 'description': 'Middle River', 'color': '#FF0000', 'type': 'IP'}]

Hi and welcome to the forum.

So there are two important concepts:

  • Groups don’t have colors, only markers have. You can set the color on each marker.
  • The connection between markers and groups is via an ID number. This is just a random number, you can use anything, like 1001, 1002, etc.

Also, if you want to do this only once, you can use the Excel XLSX or CSV import. It’ll auto-create the groups and set the correct colors.

If it’s not difficult for you, can you send an example of a request that will create a map with a group of colored markers? Thank you in advance.