Any way to set a custom image as the base map?

I have a theme park map I would like to upload as the base map and then add small images of rides as reactive parts of the map. Is that possible with MapHub?

Hi Jesse and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately this functionality is not possible in MapHub.

Hi Zsolt,
First, let me say I’m loving MapHub, what you’ve done here is incredible.

I know not being able to use custom images was the situation about a year ago. I just want to find out if there’s any change to this yet?

More specifically, I am wondering if I could use your platform to create an interactive version of the world maps I use in my RPGs (Role Playing Games)?
For example I would like to be able to turn something like this image into an interactive map using your platform.

If it’s not available what would some of the reasons for the limitations be? Or could you possibly point me towards a service that might have this kind of functionality?

Hi Joe,

Unfortunately it is not supported currently and I don’t know any service which offers such functionality.