Any way to remove green MapHub banner?

Folks, I’ve just started using MapHub and it seems to be a great improvement over Google My Maps, particularly when showing multiple pictures taken at one location. However, before updating more of my hiking maps to MapHub I have a couple of questions. (I apologize if these questions have already been addressed, but I could not immediately find answers!):

  1. Is there some way of removing the green MapHub banner that appears when a user clicks on the link to a map? It is somewhat inappropriate, it seems, to tell users about pricing and other details with which they are not concerned.

  2. If I use the free version of MapHub and then convert to a paid version and switch to “secret-links” will I have to get new links for all my maps or (hopefully) will the old links still work except they will be “secret”?


Hi Wayne and Welcome to the Forum,

The menu, info button, embed logo, etc. can all be removed on the Enterprise plan levels. On other accounts this is not possible. (The reason is that those elements are the #1 way for new users to find MapHub).

When you convert to “Secret links”, you should be changing the links, but it is not required. If you don’t change the links and for example Google indexed your old link, then they’ll know the secret link as well.


Thanks for the quick reply! I was hoping that the extra map items could be removed when using a “Hobbyist” account, but I gather that is not the case…

Concerning “secret” links: What happens to such links if I should at some point downgrade from a “Hobbyist” account to a “Free” account?

A final question if I might: Is there a limit to the number of maps that can be added by a MapHub user? Is there a different limit for different levels of MapHub? (I have several hundred maps that I would like to add, so I’d like to know if I will be hitting some limit!)

Thanks, Wayne


Sorry to bother you again, but I’m still a bit confused about “secret” links! I currently have one map stored under my free MapHub account. Since this map is NOT using a “secret” link I was assuming the map could be located via a Google search. The map is entitled Three Lakes 12/27/2021 and seems connected to my user name of wbrells. I tried searching for this map via Google, but did not find it! I’m wondering, then, how much extra privacy is really provided by using “secret” links?

Thanks once more, Wayne


  1. There is no limit on maps. Every level, including the Free plan supports unlimited maps.

  2. If you downgrade, nothing happens to your map, but you won’t be able to save with the advanced features enabled. For example you’ll need to change from a satellite basemap to the “MapHub Classic” basemap before you can save your map.

  3. Google might not have indexed your profile page yet, but it’ll probably do in the future. Secret links make sure that it’s not visible on any public page.