Any update of having more than 1 picture at a given location?


I really need to display two or more pictures (with captions) at one map location. Using Add Image I can add a single picture, but that is all. If there is no way to add additional pictures, is there possibly a way to manually add another marker at the same location and then attach a second picture to that marker?

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I’ve just found the documentation on how to place a picture at a given location on a map. This approach should work for me, although it is not ideal. In order to distinguish pictures it seems necessary to position them a little distance apart on the map, even though those pictures were actually taken at the same location! Perhaps a better way of “stacking” several pictures at a given location will be developed at some point…


Yes, there is no native way to make a “gallery” of images at the moment. What you can do is either multiple points next to each other or use the self-hosted image + Markdown formatting, but it won’t be as polished an high quality as the native MapHub image uploading.