Always display the same map after logging in

Hi, is it possible to select the map that will always be displayed after logging in. I created 2 maps with MapHub but I use one much more than the other. The map that is displayed after logging in is the one I use rarely. So I have to go to “my map” and select the other map. Thanks!

Hi Christophe,
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At which point do you get a map displayed after logging in?

I have 3 maps and If I want to open a map directly, I use the associated URL:

The mapname decides which map is shown, you can also add a short name URL via “advanced settings”

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Thanks Michel,

Until now Maphub was saved in my favorite. I used to click to “log in” after what MapHub was displaying the map that I use the less. Anyway now it fine, I just use the associated URL of the main map and added a short name URL in advanced settings.

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Yes, as @Michel said, you can directly bookmark a map, or what I recommend, the “My Maps” page.

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