Address not visible

Hi there,
I started to create a map and the search function does not work. I already read the reason for that but is there any possibility to manually type the address. Currently, the map just displays the coordinates but I’d actually like to have the address displayed. Or should I just write the address on the description?

Thank you!

Hi Jasmiina,

Sure, until it’s fixed just type the address in the description!


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Thanks, one more thing. Can the ‘Items’ list be edited? I can’t seem to be changing the order of the places on the Items list. Editing the order would be very nice.

You are not alone, editing the order is a widely requested feature, and will be supported soon. Until then, it’s not possible.

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@Jaz the search has been fixed and improved as you asked. Now you can save the search results with a single click.

Reordering items is on our todo list.

You can read more about the search in this blog post:

This has now been implemented in MapHub, you can read more about it in the following blog post: