Address coverage?


I am looking to switch from MyMaps to this service, but I noticed that rural addresses are not recognized by your system. We deliver dumpsters to customers and keep them on the map for location/organization/logistic purposes.

Most of the rural addresses I have tried to ping on the map by searching the address have come up with nothing. This leaves me having to search the street (unless it’s been renamed, then I can’t find it at all) and finding the address manually. Some of them show the address # on the map, but it doesn’t register in the search, which I find odd.

If an admin wants to PM me and request an address example I can give it to you, but I don’t want to doxx a customer.

For this particular one, you can’t find the address by searching, but you can find the next street over. And you can’t find its street number. But when you zoom in and look, it exists, even with the number.

I understand this is Beta and that Google MyMaps will always be better for precise addresses because, well, Google, but just wondering how often/when you plan on updating this. I love all the tools available but without being able to find customers… Well, I can’t use it.



You are right that the street level lookup we are using is not comparable to commercial solutions like Google or HERE maps. We are using an OpenStreetMap based search and house numbers are still mostly missing from OpenStreetMap.

In the future we’ll probably support alternative providers, like Google or Here maps. In the meantime, your best bet would be to geocode those addresses using or in