Add map comments feature

Hi, is there a developments roadmap of the MapHub project ?
Is there the possibility of integrating comments from visitors to their map or single points, being able to insert some photos maybe?

Hi Brock and Welcome to the Forum,

Yes, it’s a frequently requested feature to make “Google Form” like maps, where visitors can place a pin. The problem is spam, which I haven’t really solved. The map owners would get a lot of spam from bots.

Creating accounts with google/facebook oauth integration ? as a developer i know it’s a lot of work, so I was also wondering if the maphub project is open source.

In particular I think it will be very useful to have these features:

  • integration of comments / stars or in any case have a more participatory system with other users
  • more icons, or in any case the possibility to insert your own icon inside the drop-shaped map placeholder to integrate it with the other native icons of maphub
  • better info button with the possibility of adding a legend of the map like Mapotic maps
  • groups of groups
  • count view stats of the map

Many of those features are in the works. I prefer not to do the “social media” ones and keep MapHub focused on its original purpose. Adding stars as a personal bookmark sounds like a good idea, but I’m not planning adding messaging/commenting in the near future.


is it open source? how is it possible contribute ?

No, the web app is not open source. The map data is open source in case of basemaps using OpenStreetMap data.

I have a maphub map on my website behind a members area, at the top of the page the map is embedded on, I have 2 buttons linked to a spreadsheet, Submit a POI and Leave a Review. As its a members only page, then I can trust any submissions.

I’ll think about a good system, maybe with a hCaptcha it would work well enough.