A favour to ask

Hi ! I am just wondering if anyone could help me out…

I am looking to see if my map displays OK on a web-page. it can be on any web page or browser at all. I just want to see this from a user-perspective to see if it behaves and appears the way it should.

Does anyone have a web-page up online where you could display the map temporarily ? Only for a few hours or at most, a day ?

Please let me know if you are interested !

Thanks a lot !


There are a few examples of embeds mentioned on this forum, for example https://barsaround.me/

Or for a small sized embed, have a look at Hertfordshire Walker: Walk 154: Whitwell Loop


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Thanks Zsolt ! I have checked out those sites…what I am really looking for though is temporary web-space, i.e., if someone could upload my map onto their site for a short time - I just want to see how it looks on a website and using different browsers etc., tablets etc.

Hi. That part is 100% dependent on your website’s layout / CSS. The MapHub part is inside the “box” of the iframe and it’ll look exactly the same on your website as on the embed wizard, just the dimensions will change.

I recommend making a sample page and experimenting there.

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This is solved now ; I have set up a temporary website and the map looks absolutely fine - thanks !

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