Spelling errors

I am seeing spelling errors in the “Pirates” base map. It repeats letters eg: Parrris. Is this just me or is it a problem with the map?

Hi Jeanne,

The “Pirates” basemap is a “joke” map, it turnes r-s into rrr-s and similar.

Nice to see you back! Thanks so much for the reply. So, is it supposed to be a “joke” map or is that an error that can be resolved? Because I really like that basemap the best for my purposes. Perhaps if it’s supposed to be a joke map, can a “serious” one be added just like it that doesn’t have the character repetitions?


I was able to remove the rrr replacements from the map. Have a look now! (You might need to hit reload in your browser a few times.)

Yes! It’s perfect now! Thanks so much!

I was wondering about icons too…can we get more to choose from?

And I’m still having issues with the geolocation button in the bottom left corner not showing me where I am on the map when using an iPad (it seems to work on my iMac desktop computer).

I was looking into geolocation, and seems to only work on non-MapHub basemaps. Can you try it with any non-Maphub basemap?

Hi again. The geolocation glitch does not seem to be related to the basemap but the browser and device type. For example, on my iMac desktop computer, it works on both MapHub and non-MapHub basemaps when I use Chrome and Firefoxbut but not Safari. And on my iPad, it doesn’t work on Chrome, Firefox or Safari no matter which basemap I use.

The geolocation has been solved a while ago, it should work flawless in all browsers now.

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