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Great programme. Thank you. One small thing - when searching, it would be useful to have the search item temporarily marked on the map when found, in the way that Google does it. When looking for a tourist attraction for example, I find myself referring back to Google maps to note where on a street it is, before I can then add my own marker to my map.

Hi Mototravel,

Do you mean some kind of marker display when clicking on a search result? I think I know how to solve it quickly, I’ll have a go.

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Yes. For example if I search for a specific address, for example, MapHub takes me to the area but does not show me necessarily which street it is, nor where on the street it is. A pin or marker would be really useful.

I am having the same issue.

I am trying to map various map locations by specific address. When I type the address in the search field, only the city comes/area comes out. The specific address does not pin to the map. How can I fix this?

Initially the search was providing only the city level zoom as the results were not very high precise. Right now the results are much better so I need to look at how to enable a more precise displaying of the results. I’ll make this a high priority feature and try to implement it in the next few days!

Hi, I’ve implemented search markers! When you select a search results it adds a marker, and when you click the X in the search bar, it removes it. Can you check if this works well for you?

@Mototravel @colbijohnson11

@Mototravel @colbijohnson11

Search makers with nice title formatting has been implemented in the new release. You can read more about it in this blog post: